Home for the Holidays Part I

written December 21, 2009


Of the two of us, at least one will have a white Christmas; the surrounding area is covered in a medium dusting, but freezing rain is approaching.  Tell me again about el tiempo en Florida… =)

Last night Dad brought home a map of Afghanistan to learn where all of the craziness is going down, and I thought it was a great idea, to be more knowledgeable.  We talked downstairs after partaking of Mom’s tater-tot casserole (excellent comfort food on a cold night) as Dad asked me to explain and refute Einstein’s theories (help!).  At least it distracted me from the horrible loss the Bulls suffered at the hands of the Sacramento Kings- after being ahead by thirty-five points.  !Ay, Dios Mio!

Sonya and I had a long talk into the night in the living room.  Most of all I asked about her interests, simply inquiring about how her game was coming along.  I can’t remember her character’s name, but its level is maxed out at 80.  But she talked about other things as well.  Mom sort of let it be known that Dave lost his job, but we all agreed it was too bad he couldn’t come down, and he shouldn’t feel bad.  I tried to reassure Sonya that Dave will find something eventually, he’s quite smart.  Oh, and offered to read her some ghost stories from the Haunted Alton book.  She even mentioned it looked perfect, me reading from the comfy Queen Anne chair, the fire fakily yet cozily blazing aware and the tree lit.  I recited the entire section about the Three Mile House that was north of Edwardsville among others.  And I retold the entire saga of getting Payton, and every instant I could remember of the night we brought him home.  This segments of memories will be the next portion I will write about: “Catty Spirits and a Spooked Kitty.”

Today Sonya was playing World some more, and I among asking a few questions come to understand she actually has all of the available expansions (!).  That leaves me with two days to get something new.  Mom suggested the novel version of Interview with a Vampire, and I’m all for getting Sonya any reading material.

I was up this morning by seven and went straight to the shower.  This morning I poured over my Spanish work for quite a while, and I’m almost to the point where I was in 2006.  I asked Mom to quiz me, and she did, even attempting the Pepita televisor story we did.  It is interesting though, that when I showed my interest in Spanish, Mom aloud wondered why then I had avoided it so much in high school.  Oh well.  At least I’ve brought home a few things I can enjoy with each.  Dad’s always asked about history and Genesis, so we began the book that explores the correlation with Egyptian mythology.  For Mom I brought home the 30 Rock series she likes, beyond the Spanish, and Sonya’s I’ve already converted.  And I’ve delved into the Japan book, and was fascinated by the legends of Wa and Shinto.

Today Dad broached the possibility of going into Peoria to see Clint Eastwood’s new film Invictus about Nelson Mandela.  Sonya sort of sing-songily said immediately she wasn’t going, and Mom warned about the weather.  With home he was trying to find something for us to do, and I watched him sort of sadly concede he would just go to Canton or something.  But said, no matter what, I will make it with him to Invictus, and will have seen it by the time Christmas had come.  That cheered him up.

Above all, more than in the past, I’ve just been listening, and its been very beneficial.  We have the makings now for thumbprint cookies too- yum.  And yes, my stories have been filled with references to a small grey and black kitten and a particular librarian.  It’s nearly at the level of (cue “American Pie”): “This one time, with Tiffany….”.  But quiero escriber a quick note ahora that has quickly bloated.  I miss you though and so glad to know you are having a wonderful, balmy time.  Enjoy.


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