A Day in the Life of Me


November 28, 1994  Monday

Well, let’s go through my day.  Dad woke me up before 7:00, and after my morning shower snuggled up to watch Sports Center, like most days, until my ride pulled up in front of my house at 7:55.

When I got to school I talked to Hoke about my day and weekend.  I noticed everyone was under the weather (a windy, rainy November Monday morning, imagine that!).  First class was Driver’s Ed.  Mr. Paul Davis came to talk to us about insurance.  In 2nd hour U.S. History Mr. Mavetz spent a large part of it making excuses for the Packers (who lost) and put down the Bears (who are in first place!)

Then came gym, and joy upon joys, we played four-on-four basketball.  I know I can’t play.  I try, but I always mess up.  Maybe I don’t know this all-powerful secret I’ve missed all my life … or it could be that I have the coordination and skill of a retarded wallabee.  I wouldn’t mind so much if some (not all) players that are so great didn’t make fun of me.  I hate that.

What’s next?  Ah, Algebra.  Lesson 20 Odds are due tomorrow, so I should be able to get it done on time.  I got done with my Spanish in the nick of time.  Mrs. Wales said I was creative with my answers, but she had said we just had to have them done to get the fifty points.  I have to get Rachel’s notes tomorrow to learn what’s going on (what’s a reflexive?).

Homeroom went slow, as usual.  Mr. Strongham talked to us about National Honor Society.  I swear, he would be the perfect endorser for No-Doz, but he tries and his Physics class is bearable (I do watch that ol’ clock a lot, though).

Ms. Krakauer’s English class is pretty fun, but only because of everyone in the class. If they are anything, they’re funny.  Even Ms. Krakauer has to laugh sometimes.  My class of 44 people (total) also gets an A+ in wasting time.  We’re only halfway through Huckleberry Finn when we should be done.  Everyone’s also convinced that Buck Grangerford is Huck’s “significant other.”  I like my class.

Saw very little of Emma.  I don’t know, maybe tomorrow.

Hoke and I walked home together and did things at his house, playing football in his front yard, and shooting baskets in his blacktopped driveway in the back.  I got home at five.  Mom made homemade (sort of) pizza.  Dad took Nicole to Bridgeway to see the doctor at 6 pm.  So, here I am all alone.  I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  Hopefully, no more 5-on-5, 4-on-4, ah geez, just no more basketball!




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