December 7, 1994  Wednesday

Today we had a pep rally to honor the 8th grade girls basketball team.  They are going to State this Friday.  Right now they are 19-2.  I’m impressed.  This year has been a fantastic year for female athletics.  Earlier in the semester Sarah Paget went to State for cross-country and won first!

Anyway, I’m getting used to lifting.  I would love to be able to lift after school too (I’m going to ask Mr. Thompson, the gym teacher, about this when school lets out).  I can just see myself getting all “buff” when summer comes.  I’m willing to make the effort if he’ll give me the chance.

Semester finals are coming up quick.  A final driving test will be our final in Driver’s Ed.  U.S. History will be actually fun to study for.  And I think I can pull off Algebra.  Mr. Wentworth will make it hard, but it will still be manageable.  Spanish though will be a killer.  I’ve understood everything until about two weeks ago.  Now I, and some others like Hoke, just stare into the distance for all the good it does us.  Vocabulary words are easy points however, and Mrs. Wale’s generosity, will both play big parts.   I look to get a C+ or B-.  …Have I learned anything in Mr. Strongham’s class?  And Mrs. Krakauer’s test will mostly be about Huck Finn.

The Bears play the Packers this Sunday.  With our surprising passing offense this year it will be a piece of cake (or cheese?).  Funny, I have not heard a peep out of Mr. Mavetz yet about it.  Believe me, it’s coming.

Well, you know I don’t have anything else to say because now I’m just rambling.  I better go.  Bye.









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