The War of the Rose, Part I: The Beginning

February 6, 1995  Monday

My birthday (Valentine’s Day) is eight days away.  I want it to center around baseball, if I can be so lucky to have a theme at all.  Mom already bought my cleats, so that really can’t count as a gift, right?  Dad, I think, is getting me a Chicago Cubs jersey.

I also had a great idea about what to do with Emma.  I’m tired of talking (well, writing) and not doing anything.  This is my chance to act.  My idea is to get a card and flower for Emma. I will leave the card unsigned and put the card and flower inside her locker that morning.  She won’t know it’s from me, but she will know someone’s thinking of her.  It’s a start, anyway.

I’m still getting ready for baseball, beginning to run, and I’m very careful about what I eat.  Tomorrow is Hoke’s birthday.  He’s getting his license tomorrow night.  No more walking home from school for yours truly.



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