The War of the Rose Part II: The Plan Realized

February 12, 1995  Sunday

Well, even though my birthday isn’t until Tuesday I had my party at home tonight.  I received a neat Cubs jersey, a new wallet with a bit of money (nice touch), and book about football from Nicole.  So I didn’t get big-time gifts, but I’m still very happy.  I’m excited to wear my jersey Tuesday.

There is also another reason I can’t wait until Valentine’s Day.  Tomorrow after school I am going to get a card and flower–for Emma, of course.  Then the next morning I’m going to school early (around seven) and tape it to her inside-locker door.  A note will say, simply, “Happy Valentine’s Day Emma” to be inserted too. Then she will get to school and open her locker (#168), she’ll have a nice surprise waiting.  It’s a beginning.

It’s been very cold the last two weeks, so I’m still waiting to play catch with someone.  See ya’ when I’m sixteen!


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