The War of the Rose Part IV: So Far, So Good

February 15, 1995  Wednesday

Well, she knows.  She must.  You see, in second hour I slipped in a second note that said “hi.”  The hard part was waiting until everyone was out of the hall.  At one point, Emma walked by.  Finally, I slipped it into #168 and walked back to study hall.  While standing in the lunch line I felt excited, but it was not the same as yesterday morning.  This time it was more of a nervous energy, you know?

Lunch was over and I went back to my locker.  Suddenly, Mallory Burns was right behind me.  She looked me in the eye.  She said, “Will, did you happen to buy a pink rose for Valentine’s Day?”  Turning and now walking down the hall I answered, “What would I need with a rose?”

“To give to Emma,” she countered.  I smiled and continued down the hall.

Question: how did she find out so quickly?  The petals didn’t say “Hey there, Will Carlson here, the guy who gets you flowers.”  She must’ve recognized my fingerprints.  Yeah…that’s it.

I’m going to write a big report over the American who has most significantly changed American history.  I have chosen Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

Hoke still wasn’t in school.  The flu.  In Spanish class Ray Browning sits on my left while Barry sits on my right.  They were pounding away on my arms and ears, and I couldn’t find the time to counter-attack both and work on verbs.  Barry was winding up again when I took hold of his wrist.  Suddenly, Mrs. Wales, helping another student, looked up across the room and said, “Will, stop it and do your work!”


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