It’s a Holly, Jolly Christmas

December 12, 1994  Monday

Saturday I didn’t go to watch the girls at State.  I wanted to, but Mom was still mad.  Every time I asked her why the reasons changed.  I also had no TV, and still do not.  Around two Dad called to set up a family night in Peoria.  Dad got home just before Mom from school, and we left at six.

We went to a gourmet burger place called Cheddar’s.  While we waited to be seated  (one hour, boy it was packed!)  Rashaan Salaam was receiving the Heisman Trophy on the big screen in the bar area.  Salaam is a junior full-back at Colorado.  He may go to the NFL next year.

Then we went to the mall and I got Davies a comic book for Christmas.  I still haven’t gotten anything for Mom.  She’s hard to shop for.

Later we went to the Winter Wonderland lights display in East Peoria.  It’s basically a walk-through of Christmas decorations.  The temperature was in the single digits.  Mom and Dad let me take Nicole through.  The two of us had fun exploring, but as we were leaving the police were closing the Wonderland because it was cold.  Finally we drove through the Festival of Lights.  It was a great night.

Ah, Sunday.  Nothing much came of this day.  The Bears lost to the Packers 43-0.  Hoke told me the score later in the afternoon because I was (again) not able to view it.  I really didn’t think of the loss, or the Bears’ resulting lower record that much.  No, I thought about Mr. Mavetz.  No, more like what he would do to me the next day.  Do you know what it’s like to know embarrassment is inevitably coming, and you can only wait for it?

Later that night, we (the Presbyterian church’s youth group) met at Rev. Guy Hopkins’ manse.  We went to Owens Center in Peoria to ice skate.  I rode in with Will Davies, Laurie Rush, and the Hopkinses.  Davies talked most of the time.  At Owens, Davies and Debbie skated with me most of the night.  Oh, I’m a great skater–haven’t you heard?  Point me to the Olympics.  I fell down a few times and I got Jake Pruitt a few times.  Finally steadied myself alright.  I’m much better at rolling skating, for some reason.

I woke up today, Monday, not looking forward to much.  Taking my shower, I thought about my coming day.  There was no getting around Mavetz.  I just wanted to get it over with.

First hour at school I looked at Wyll Yates’ army surplus magazine.  Some of that stuff is crazy.  Hoke and I figured a 120,000 volt-a-second Taser could shoot 720,0000,000 volts into a guy in five hours.  After that, good luck with whatever’s left, I guess.



Second hour went by just as I said it would.  Mavetz had his large Packers blanket hung over the front of his desk.  Someone took it, actually, and he asked me to have it back, his large body bending over, his face meeting mine.  Sure, he had good reasons to suspect me, but I didn’t take it.  Most of the time I had my eyes fixed on the wood swirls of the desk with my teeth clenched.  After the long  Packers talk, we watched a video about Emmitt Till and the Civil Rights movement.
In gym Ray Browning, Les and I “worked” on legs.  Oh, that was just heaven on my back after falling on ice a dozen times the previous night.   Let’s see how this day can get any better… Getting a 76% on my math test will do it.










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