A Reflection on Christmas

December 15, 1994  Thursday

I saw Star Trek: Generations a few weeks ago.  Tonight is the last night for the movie up at the Palace Theater here in Elmwood.  It’s not worth seeing again.  Will Davies has see it three times–I know it’s not that good.

The first payment for the Spanish class trip to Mexico happening this summer is due tomorrow.  Hoke doesn’t want to go.  He asked me though if I’m going half a dozen times.  He’s also telling me about his Christmas presents, and for his coming birthday: a car.  He’s pressuring a bit too to get some new programs for my computer I probably wouldn’t use that much.   Besides, computer software can be so expensive.  It’s not want to want to ask for.  I’m not getting very much, besides, and I know it.  I’m used to Mom spending about $100 on each of us, Nicole and I. This year it’s around fifty dollars.  I don’t mind though.  I’m looking forward to Christmas as much as I would if I got everything I wanted.  That’s just not what it’s about.  I got so much more joy out of our town’s Christmas Walk a few weeks ago.  Signing carols and talking to Mom and Nicole by candlelight in front of the tree is just as good.  And I would rather, for example, get to sleep-over at Grandma’s farm with my cousin Ray on Christmas night than get a load of presents.  Presents are nice, don’t get me wrong, but I know they don’t make me happy for long.  My family and friends are all I need for a merry Christmas.


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