An Emma Kind of Day

December 8, 1994  Thursday

So far, this had been one of the best days of this semester.  Will Davies and I found some new video games on his computer during first hour study hall.  Then we had an assembly about adolescence that took up third and part of fourth hour.  During gym I won the basketball shooting game, “Knock-out,” being the last one standing.  Emma made a half-court shot and about fainted.  It was a great shot.  Mr. Mavetz started a debate with Ms. Hallam about the Bears game this Sunday (I told you he’d try to start something).  From what I caught, Ms. Hallam’s argument was that quarterback Steve Walsh got his fist loss out the way so he won’t feel pressured by an unbeaten season.  Tonight I’ll also ask Mr. Thompson about lifting after school.

I talked to Emma after fourth hour also.  Every time I looked up she had the biggest smile on her face.  Do you think I liked it?  Maybe.  I have to get Lesson 22 done now, because the algebra test in tomorrow.  Mavetz also said I have a history quiz to make up.  Do you think he’ll fail me because of my team preference?  Maybe.  I’ll watch him closely.

Just now I came back from lunch.  Who was at the end of the line but Emma.  ‘Can lightening strike twice?’ I thought as I walked towards her.   She asked me if I had my math done.  I said almost.  She was surprised I had forgotten to do the lesson.  Could she have smiled any more?  This day is getting better and better.

I turned in my lesson, finally done, after school to Mr. Wentworth.  Now to study for tomorrow.  Mr. Thompson was busy with basketball practice after school, so I decided to walk to the gym a few blocks east by myself.  First though, I stopped by my mom’s fifth-grade English classroom.  As soon as I walked through the door three girls rushed up to me and formed a line.  One whispered  to the others, “One, two, three,” then they all chimed “Hi, Will!”  Do I have groupies in 5th grade?  Mom thought I did.

I walked to the gym and the door was … locked.  What am I supposed to do now?  I walked home in the below-freezing weather and here I sit, thawing out and finally finishing this journal entry.





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