Iowa State?


August 7, 1996  Wednesday

The big news of the day is my road trip with Hoke and his family to Ames, Iowa.  Ames, of course, is the home of Iowa State University.  Hoke is also hoping to go there, so we went together on Monday.  Hoke wants to work with trains in some sense.  He’s obsessed with them.  Many days during the summer he’s driven us around the wilds of central Illinois, our destination a rural rail crossing to wait to the Burlington Northern local 406. Whatever comes thundering past the two of us.  He also has built a large model that takes up a room in his basement, with plans to have the train wind around all the rooms down there.  My goal, once college arrives, is to be in sports administration.  Since I know I’ll never make it near an athletic field without a ticket, working within a team’s front office seems the next best option.

The trip lasted 5 1/2 hours across much Iowa flatness.  We toured the leafy campus and talked to a counselor about our college choices and options.  I hope to eventually work with the Cyclone’s baseball team, to begin to gain experience and a resume.  The campus is beautiful, with large, castle-like halls, students strolling along shady paths.
During the day I kept thinking, that the sensation that, I was beginning college in two weeks.  It felt that way.  I continually forgot, or wanted to push to the side, that I had an entire senior year of high school to go through.

The Cubs are a few games under .500 and several games above last place.  The slogan “when Sammy hits, the Cubs win”has begun to be to repeated the last month on TV by the announcers.  Last week Sammy Sosa was Player of the Week, and was also named Player of the Month for July.  No wonder, Sammy leads the National League in homers with 38!  And there’s still a third of the season to play–so it’s confounding that Sosa was  snubbed for All-Star consideration.

I forgot to mention our trip back from Iowa.  It was pretty scary.  All the way from the Quad Cities to about Galesburg (an hour’s distance), we were in the center of an intense storm.  Imagine this: no light at all (the moon wasn’t even out) with rain so hard we couldn’t see twenty yards.  Most of the trip we also drove through construction zones along the interstate.  In the middle of one zone it got really hilly and the road had no line markers.  It was lucky a car came by and it was able to guide us most of the way home.  I had never seen so much lightning in my life.

 Safe and dry,


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