That Was Deep, Man


January 31, 1995  Tuesday

I was going through my 5th grade journal again, and thought some of these masterpieces should be remembered:



Nothing happening now, but who know what will happen!

Will Carlson, 5-H

SEPTEMBER 12, 1989

I don’t have anything to say, but I read two chapters in Social Studies.

Will Carlson, 5-H

SEPTEMBER 15, 1989

Things have changed a lot, but I’ve can’t tell you why.  It’s private.

Will Carlson, 5-H

FRIDAY 13, 1989

As you might have guessed it is Friday the 13th!  Boo!

Will Carlson. 5-H

OCTOBER 31, 1989

It’s Halloween!  I can’t wait!  I’m  Mario!  Boo!

Will Carlson, 5-H

NOVEMBER 5, 1989

Everything is fine.  I can make things better when I draw now.  Bye!

Will Carlson, 5-H

DECEMBER 1, 1989

I am having a good day.

Will Carlson, 5-H

DECEMBER 5, 1989

It’s getting closer to Christmas!

Will Carlson, 5-H

FEBRUARY 6, 1990

So, I’ve written in you since September.  A lot of good stuff, good times and bad times.  I’ve told you about Emma, my birthday, all those little things deep inside hard to tell.  When I have something to tell, but I cannot tell at the same time, it’s good to have someone to turn to.  Thank you very much!

Will Carlson, 5-H

Yeah, well… that explained it all, kid.  Maybe I just wasn’t reading between the lines to find all those heart-felt messages!

















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