Tidbits Part II


February 1, 1995  Wednesday

Today was teacher dress-up day at school.  I strapped pillows to my guy, put on an old suit, and called myself Mr. Strongham.  Sidney Walls looked just like Ms. Krakauer!  Spence and Lance both dressed up as Mr. Wentworth, or “Wentz.”

We’re playing handball in gym and I LOST TO LES!! Les doesn’t try!  Les doesn’t care!  Les has a record of 2-13!  I know it’s only gym, but I like to at least try (Guess that’s why I’m called the “Player.”).

All hope of a good day almost faded by lunch.  For today: “submarine sandwiches.”  Really, it’s government cheese and cold-cuts on hot-dog buns.  No one laughed at my jokes.  And now my stomach doesn’t feel right.

My day was about to change though.  Got to talk to Emma for a bit.


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