Homecoming on My Mind

September 5, 1996  Thursday

It’s time to get caught up since last we met.  I called Ainsley a week ago about Homecoming.  She said yes.  So that’s happening.  Last Saturday I got the clothes I will wear the dance from the Peoria Kohl’s.  It looks alright: Light tan shirt and darker tan Dockers with a green/gold horizontally striped tie.  She will hopefully be at the Hub this Saturday, just to see a bit, and discuss the details.  I’m both thrilled and a little scared at the same time.  It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before.  I’m also nervous about the likely prospects of driving Mom’s car.

I’m trying to get a job.  I’ve filled out a half dozen applications for businesses in Town (Silver Screen Video, The Elmwood Pizza Company, The Palace Theater…).  I know that I am willing to work for a car–but can I convince a parent to get a loan?  I am also aware that getting hired anywhere within three weeks is weak at best.  All I can do is try and wait.
This was the first night of the annual carny in the town square.  Tomorrow will be out first Trojans home football game (I hear we are really bad).  Saturday night I (of course) will be riding with Nick to Edelstein to work at the Hub.

T-minus 23 days,



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