The First Game (We Lost)


September 6, 1996  Friday

Tonight was the home opener for football.  We lost 27-0.  I can’t say much went right, but Hoke’s halftime trombone playing with the band roused the Elmwood crowd from their stupor.  What a way for our senior year to go.  I don’t think we crossed the midfield the entire night.  On the positive, it was a beautiful cool night with a lot of energy (early on) with the stands filled.  Hopefully Homecoming will be a closer affair, but don’t bet on it: we play the Peoria Heights Patriots.

While at the game Sidney suggested the Olive Garden for the Homecoming dinner.  It’s almost perfect:Just on the northwestern edge of Peoria, so I don’t have to get caught in the city, and I guess the food is good (Dad’s paying for it too!).  That was all I really wanted to say.

Days ’til Homecoming -22

The countdown continues,


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