A Study in Dreams

December 19, 1996  Thursday

Night is one of my favorite times of day.  When I sleep, I have some of the most incredible dreams.  Sometimes I remember large segments vividly.  Other times  I don’t remember at all; but I love to dream.  Some of my dreams involve trying to do something, but I just can’t get it done.  An example: one time I dreamed I was in a mall, and Michael Jordan was in Sears, signing autographs.  So I rushed to the sporting goods store, and I couldn’t find anything there for him to sign.  It was very frustrating.  One thing I hate in dreams is falling in the sky.  For some reason, every time I fall like this I get an intense pain in my stomach, like I imagine the “bends” are like.  Which feels very real.  There are some dreams I have remembered for a long time.  One such dream was one in which I was outside at recess.  All of a sudden a passage opened on one of the old portable classrooms the school used.  No one could see the hole.  So I wandered inside.  It was very dark and murky.  The walls were made of stone, much like a dungeon.  I came to the end of a hallway, and there was a wooden door.  The scene inside resembled the laboratory scene in Frankenstein.  Except there were only girls, like Emma, Monica Harvey, Becca Meeks, and maybe Leslie K.  That was a long time ago, but I still think the dream was weird.

A perfect example of the “trying to get something done with not enough time to do it in” thing, I had one a few nights ago.  I was getting ready to go to school, but it was already 8:05.  Hoke pulled out out front like he always does.  I raced to my closet, but I didn’t have anything suitable to wear.  I run downstairs to get some jeans.  Some reason Mom was downstairs and she was very mad at me.  I tried to get my Cubs hat she was holding, and she said I was grounded and couldn’t leave the house.  Hoke was still waiting outside.  I remember telling Mom, “Mom, this is just a dream, I’m really not that bad.”  She wouldn’t believe me, and I still needed clothes.  Then I said, “If this wasn’t a dream I would do this!” then I ran out of the house and uptown to get jeans from the Fair Store.  I jogged home to finally go with Hoke, but he was long gone.  It was already past ten o’clock.

I have found that in a lot of my dreams, even though I know they are dreams, I still can’t control them.  On a few lucky occasions I have done some pretty cool stuff like flying (that’s completely different than falling), or have been Superman.  That was neat.  Usually my dreams have people and places completely foreign to me.  Probably the best aspect about dreams is being the hero.  One thing are dreams never are is boring.  Have you ever been in the heat of battle with Darth Vader, and have a plastic, homemade lightsaber malfunction?  Not fun, I’ll tell you that, my friend.

The worst thing about dreams is waking up.  Have you ever been conscience that you were about to wake up?  That happens to me all the time.  Then I try to fight it, but finally come to the conclusion that I can’t prevent waking up.  Then I am awoke, but it’s still dark. I find it is because my eyes are still closed.  Never mind…

Comin’ to you straight from Dreamland,


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