Will Carlson, Professional Procrastinator

October 10, 1996  Thursday

This is sort of an uninteresting time, but I feel I should write something.  Here we go…

I put a lot of things off.  Like the Trig  I should be doing, or the dozen other things.  I guess that makes me a bit of a  procrastinator.  Mr. Beres, my Speech and English teacher, often becomes philosophical in class.  He said recently, “No matter what we do, we do it because at that time it seems like the right thing to do.”  If you think about it, that’s right.  Even the horrible things, the hurtful things.  We can’t not do the action we feel is in out present best interest.  I’d tell Dad that the next time he wants me to mow the lawn, but I don’t think it would fly.

Speaking of Dad, he did it too.  If you remember, I wanted to get a used car, a red Fiero (“The Question of Homecoming – The License Thing”), and I talked to Dad about it, while he was doing laundry soon after, in the basement.  And he told me, “Well, tell you what.  If you get a job, then I’ll help you get a car to drive around in.”  And I got a second job, but no car help followed.  More than being a little burned by the turn-around, I was confused.  Wasn’t this kind of a deal?  I guess Dad felt it was best to promise one day, and think better of it later, regardless of what I might think of that.  But I use this as an example.  I do it all the time too.  I guess we all do.  Even if we’re being polite to not hurt someone’s feelings, or the classic of stealing a loaf of bread to feed your starving family.  Man, Mr. Beres is smart.

I’ll sign this some other time,

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