I’m a Bears and Cubs, Pity Me

October 4, 1996  Friday

Now is the time when we find out who the real Bears fans are.  The team  are currently a shell of walking wounded, have a record of 2-3, and are facing the Packers in Green Bay in Sunday.  Because I (must) believe in the Monsters of the Midway, I have yet again stuck my head out for Coach Wannstedt and Company, making myself vulnerable to whatever the history teacher Mr. Mavetz will throw at me.  Like last year, I have promised him that if the Packets win, I will wear a Packers sweatshirt Tuesday, and vise-versa.  We’ve lost four straight times to the Pack, so we’ve got to win some time…right?

I am viewing the game this Sunday at Ainsey’s house–that’s what I said.  It should be fun.  The Lagerstein’s are big Packers fans.  If I win I get a cake from Ainsley, and company for the Christmas walk in early December.  Ainsley was telling me yesterday too about how she, Holly Andrews, and thirty other seniors were tee-peeing their school for Homecoming.  At least, until the cops showed up.

For my Speech class Tuesday I am preparing my reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart.”

Why would you think me mad?


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