More Letters

November 8, 1996  Friday

Tomorrow I am going with Hoke to the cross-country State Finals in Peoria.  I hope that Emma and Sidney do well.  On Sunday I am supposed to go ice skating Leslie K and Emma in Peoria at Owens Center.  Then Sidney invited me to go with her youth group later that night.

Anyway, here are some more letters that were written to me.  Emma in particular grasped exactly what I hoped all of the letters would be about:


Gee, I don’t know what to write about.  I’ll tell ya what my plans in life are.  I am going to Blackhawk College, and will then transfer to a four-year school to major in Ag Ed with an equine emphasis.  I want to find just the right guy (one that likes horses), get married, and have kids.  I would also like to live on a horse farm in Illinois.  Wish me luck!  I know I wish you all the luck in the world in achieving your dreams.  Hopefully my family and I will be reading your comics someday!  Keep trying to reach your goals and enjoy life.

Monica Jackson


Hey, boy.  Why do I have to write you?  Monica just turned around and told me to write you a letter about my future.  Well, here it is.  After high school I’m going to Illinois Central College for two year to get my degree in nursing.  Then I will transfer to St. Francis College of Nursing in Peoria for my junior and senior years

Jessica Ford

My dearest Will,

I have a lot of memories from high school.  It is so sad to know what we are almost done.  I’ve even sadder that tomorrow I will be running my very last high school cross country race.  It will be the last time I can look over and see my coach, coaching me for the last time.  It is sad to me to realize that it will be the last time I will see all of my high school friends, who have been there all 3 yrs. to see me run in the State Finals.  I’ve had a good time getting here.  I hope to go out w/a bang and represent my school, for the last time, to the best of my ability.

I’m a little unsure of myself right now.  I know I’m ready and can do the 2.1 mile course, but I hope and pray everything goes right.  I think I’m mostly nervous about my team though.  We’ve come a long way together.  We’ve been through total hell this fall.  The best thing, though, was Mr. Marks.  He stood by our side the whole time.  He never gave up hope and helped through the time when we had only three runners.  Now, here we are running in State.  We hope to set a record for being the best girls team there ever was.  We are out to prove it tomorrow.  I think everyone knows what their role is and how they are going to have to go out for it.  This is it tomorrow, and I know in my heart, that whatever the outcome I will have given it my best.  And I won’t lose friendships over it and I still have the spring for Track…

Emma Reed

Good luck to everyone at State,

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