On the Subject O’Love

November 12, 1996  Tuesday

I taped Friday’s X-Files for Sidney, because she missed it the last few weeks.  She was happy about it (and I’m getting the cherry pie she is making in Foods class).I was glad I could make her feel better.

Today she was sort of sad.  When she wrote a letter to Willa I found out why.  It is the one-month anniversary of the breakup with Lance. They had liked each other for a long time, and had gone to Prom and Homecoming together.  My opinions about this (or that) is not important.  I only wish that she can find a way to work through it and feel better soon.  I hate to see any of my friends like this.

Tomorrow I want to show her a few entries from my journal.  Particularly the ones about Emma.  I don’t think her problems are like my past stories, but it’s what I have to share.  Maybe we can make fun if it (and me) and we can laugh a bit.  This year I’ve thought about that fateful Valentine’s Day event two years ago.  I’m almost glad it happened.  Before, I had spent a long time liking Emma, or my internal picture of her, in secret.  The problem was that I was too scared then to talk much to her for some reason.  Well, “scared” is the wrong word.  Just a little apprehensive.  Butterflies. This year Emma is one of my good friends, and I talk to her almost every day.  Of course there are the memories of younger Will in the back of my head, that can’t be done away with, but now I am much happier than I was.  Maybe that’s the story I’m wanting to share.

The love doctor is in (…never mind),


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