Tidbits Part X: Overachieving

November 25, 1996  Monday

Today was Mr. Beres’ first day back from being ill.  We celebrated by giving our speeches.  I gave a reading of Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Masque of the Red Death.”

Tomorrow we have to turn in a check to Jostens for graduation.  For fifty dollars they’ll give me my cap and grown.  Which is great, in one sense; I kinda need it.  Then it will be mine for the rest of my life… to do what with?  I can’t just rent?  Beats me.

I am doing well in terms of Christmas shopping, and am much further ahead than past years.  I found an All My Children coffee table book that documents the show’s entire history that Mom will probably love.  I bought the CD-Rom version of Dragon’s Lair for Hoke.  I might get him something else also.  The only other gift I’ve gotten is for Sidney, which is an X-Files video.  No word yet on the all the letters I sent out.  I wonder now if I’ll get any responses.

I also brought Sidney’s cherry pie to school she made for me, to share at lunch.  My generosity was ignored, and we were the only two to try it.  I thought it was pretty good.

We were supposed to have a Thanksgiving movie in school like we do each year.  Yet, because one teacher thinks teaching is somehow more important, she ruined everyone’s goof-off afternoon.  Thanks a lot (Mrs. Wales).

Thursday we will go to Grandma Connor’s farm of Thanksgiving, like we always do.  It will be fun, and I’m looking forward to all the food.

I better go.  I still have Accounting to do, and Trig, and English, and…



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