Where the Dancing is Fun, Fun, Fun

November 30, 1996  Sunday

This day didn’t start out too well. At eight in the morning I was at LG Seeds, working.  And I didn’t leave until 2:30, and 11,000 small counted kernels later.  When I got home I had the pleasure of doing Trig for two hours with Mom at the dining room table.

I also had to work at the Hub tonight, though I really didn’t expect too much from it.  I again worked the large West bar while Hoke was at my usual station, called the Terrace bar.  An red electric, streaming message over the entrance endlessly announces the Hub is the place “where the dancing is fun, fun fun.”  But tonight it was lying.  There was barely a big belt buckle to be seen.  Things were actually down right boring for once … until Ainsley and Holly Andrews showed up unannounced.  They told me they were accepted to Western, but weren’t sure they were going (please, please, please…).

Anyway, they wrote me something on a napkin to put in this journal.  I liked it:

Will, Will
You’re so fine
The line you walk in’a straight line
Sometimes drives us up the wall
Sometimes we think we might fall
Working at the Hub is such a treat
We really, really think you’re neat.

Your Hub women,
Holly and Ainsley

Next week Nick and I work Friday night.  That leaves open Saturday night, which is Elmwood’s Christmas Walk.  Perhaps someone would want to go with me…

But now I lay here at 2:45 in the morning, finally finishing this entry.  I am so…zzzzzz….

You’re all neat, too,


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