(Almost) Tales from the Hub of Entertainment

December 22, 1996  Sunday

Christmas is just around the corner, and I’m finally done with my shopping.  Yesterday I bought an NFL video for Dad and simple braclettes from a Sandburg Mall vendor outside of the K-Mart for Ainsley and Holly Andrew.  For Ainsley a gold one, and for Holly Andrews, silver.

Before going to the Hub last night Hoke gave me a baseball with a faximily of Babe Ruth’s signature (he got it at Sam’s Club).  I really like it, and will put in next to my computer, along with my growing collection of photos and momentos.  For my friendly Hub co-workers I did perhaps a very Will thing: I wrapped the braceletes in a small boxes, and then wrapped those in ever larger boxes, until the final one was larger than an industrial microwave.  We were able to wedge the huge, green-and-red cardboard boulder in the back of Hoke’s Thunderbird with a litttle effort.  I, however, never got to give them their hulking gift last night.  However, I still get to work New Years’s Eve with them.  So I’m pretty excited.

Keeping you informed,












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