Tidbits Part XIII: Brief Scrawls of Friendship

December 20, 1996  Friday

I have been getting a few written things from people before break starts.  So here are some of their notes.  The first is what Sidney wrote to me aways back on her Homecoming picture to me.

To Will-

I guess the “The Power of a Dream” didn’t help our football team, but, oh well!

Your friend,

The next is Sidney’s senior picture to me:


Sometimes I’m not sure about you, but I am sure you’re a great friend.  Sorry that your pie wasn’t that good (I’ll add sugar next time).  The X-Files Rules!


Then there’s what Colin wrote on his senior picture:


How’s your girlfriend?  HA HA.  This year is going fast.  Have a great time over Christmas.  Class of ’97 rules!

Colin P. Klimt

For our final selection, we have what Sidney wrote on her Christmas card to me:


Have a Merry Christmas + a Happy New Year!  I tried to make “W” look normal.  Pretty good, eh?


What personalized, heart-felt messages.  I kid.  Don’t get me wrong, I very much appreciate the thought and effort to do it at all; the biggest thrill for me is to get things that others have written.  I wouldn’t care if it was five pages long.  I would put it in this journal the second I got home, it means so much.  I still need to get messages from Willa, Hoke, Emma, Leslie K, Ainsley, Holly Andrews, and anyone else who would like to.  Look for these soon.

No word yet on all the letters I sent a month and a half ago.  I thought I would get at least one response!


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