Tidbits Part XVI: One Too Many ‘Bits

January 24, 1997  Friday

The word today was “ice.”  Because of this slick situation, two buses couldn’t make it to school today and those kids went back home.  Mr. Johnson went into a ditch in Oak Hill but was present for World History.  Sidney didn’t get very far driving her Audi this morning, and for safety’s sake spent the day at Edie’s house.  That’s too bad, because Sidney wasn’t at school today to throw away our table’s trays like she always does.  Emma is also getting eager to go home.  Her actual home.  Through all this bad weather she has had to stay in town at Leslie K’s house.  We did get out at 1:30 today, but I didn’t go to work.  It isn’t a good sign when you’re sliding side-to-side because you’re topping out at 15 mph.  It’s predicted to be like this Monday too.  Mr. Wentworth must be mad, because we still haven’t taken the Trig test he scheduled two weeks ago!

Tomorrow is Reagan Potters’s 18th birthday.  She celebrated by beating on me non-stop, as this is the last day before she can be tried as an adult.  Also, she gave me her senior picture today.  This is what it said:


It’s been fun torturing you all these years.  Even though you’re still ignorant of the fact that the Cowboys are and always will be #1.  I know it’s hard staying faithful to the Bears (Yuck).  Get away from me.  Bye.


You wouldn’t know it, but that’s Reagan being sentimental.  It is a nice picture, though.  What else has been going on… Next week is Basketfest.  The senior section of the hallways is going to be called “Fort Victory,” because we are responsible for overseeing the Elmwood/Brimfield game.  As for dressing up, Monday is “Hick Day.”

Tomorrow night I work with Hoke at the Hub.  The chance that Ainsley and Holly Andrews show is slim, but I hope they are able.  Sidney has learned about the bracelets, and she would like them if I don’t get rid of them this week.  It probably won’t be this week, but option is becoming more and more a possibility.

The ‘Bits have spoken,

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