Volume Five: Short and Sweet

February 19, 1997  Wednesday

Yet again, after approximately a month here I am again, sitting down to write ado to another volume.

You would be surprised how much can be written about so little (or you know all too well…).  Anyway, the only headline items of this volume was Basketfest and my birthday, yet I wrote relatively little about either.  There was so much to this installment, though.  On the outset of this fifth collection the area was getting battered by winter storms.  The packers won the Super Bowl (and that was just peachy).  The entries “From the Heart: Reflections On Me” and “From Humble Beginnings” continued my search for what exactly goes on in my head.  The last eighteen pages were a collection of favorite quotes, entries, and excerpts from writing I did oh so long ago.

Everybody say “hi” to the new volume and make it feel at home.  It’s entitled All the Paper That’s Fit to Burn.  In it I hope to discuss baseball and my thoughts as graduation draws ever nearer.

Take five,







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