A Study in Dreams 2: The Sequel

February 23, 1997  Sunday

Last night I had some really neat dreams (and I actually remembered them).  I must have slept lightly, because I kept waking up.  As a result, I had several dreams, but they were all pretty short.

For my first dream, a lot of people were in the old grade school gym playing basketball (there was one game, and everyone else was in the bleachers).  It was sort of an afternoon of pick-up games.  I finally decide I want to play, and I go out on the court.  We were just about to play when the referee suddenly said, “End.”  Shocked, I watched everyone either go to the locker room or out the door.  I asked the ref why he had stopped playing, and he said because of threat of snow.  Amazed, I walked out the door, and was only lightly raining.  I began to walk home, and soon I realized I was now naked except for a tiny bathrobe.

They were even weirder, trust me.  In the next dream I was driving around Elmwood in Hoke’s car all alone.  It’s a good thing it was a dream, because I not only blew through the four-way stop uptown, but didn’t have my glasses with me.  I drove down to the train tracks, but suddenly, instead of going over one set of tracks, I began going over a never-ending series of tracks.  I looked to my left and right, and trains were coming.  I didn’t get hit, though.  I got out of the car and my dream went from there, but I don’t remember more.

Dream three has to do with someone cutting down and stealing our smaller tree from our front yard.  I began picking up all the sticks left behind.  Then I walked across the street to a neighbor’s house, which in this dream was owned by Mrs. Cardiff the art teacher.  I asked her if she had seen anyone, and she had a videotape.  One of the guys who cut down the tree was a band member of Cactus Creek, who sometimes play at the Hub (It’s funny what gets thrown in dreams).  Anyway, then I go back across the street to Celia’s house next door, except Colin lives there.  Rachel Kroll is there too, but I felt it was Colin’s house.  I asked him if he had seen anything, and they said no.

My last dream may be the weirdest.  I came rushing out of my house, and it’s dark outside.  There are cars lined up everywhere along the curbs.  It was like everyone was leaving Elmwood in a great panic, all at the same time.  I ran down the street to the end of the sidewalk and get in a car. Inside, Ray Browning is driving and Jake Pruitt’s in the back with others.  We took off up Main Street.  I asked, “What’s going on?” All I remember is it was some kind of disaster, like an earthquake.  Uptown, people are in such a hurry there were wrecks everywhere.  I asked where we were going, and Ray Browning said everyone’s supposed to go to Mike Mullins’ farm (Mike Mullins doesn’t even live on a farm).  And that’s all I remember.


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