A Study in Dreams 6: Things Get Stranger

March 23, 1997  Sunday

How odd it is that I am still thinking of Sidney’s letter.  It takes a special precedent because she is my friend.  Her case is so interesting.  I have had to ask myself, since then, the nature of my involvement.  While she is much more than a standard friend, she is none-the-less a friend.  That’s what makes this new dream so weird:

The story line is influenced by my reading of The Count of Monte Cristo.  In my dream I picture myself as an escapee from prison, now seeking out my friends and family.  I am in a play practice, with Sidney my opposite.  We are rehearsing roles until the scene where we are supposed to kiss (there is a lot of kissing going on it Oklahoma!).  In the dream it was awkward.

Suddenly, I see myself no longer as an escapee, but as a rich man.  I ask to take Sidney’s hand in marriage (there was a wedding reception at the Hub last night).  And that’s as far as that particular dream went.

These dreams are really starting to concern me.  But, on the brighter side, at least her dream-life wasn’t threatened this time.

Insomnia would be a blessing,


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