Further Thoughts On the Situation

March 22, 1997  Saturday

Yesterday in the lunch line Sidney asked what I thought of the musical.  I said it was very good, and that she had done very well, even though I had told her the same at the beginning of the day.  While eating Sidney finally asked if I had read what she had written.  I told her I had, and had also written down my thoughts on the letter.  She wanted to read what I had to say, and in Homeroom she did.  In fact she read most of my journal’s Volume VI.  She read about the recent “Studies in Dreams” I have had, including the latest.  When she was done she went into further detail about the meaning of her words.  I found out the reason she had thrown away most of her journals, (not all of them).  Sidney had been very angry with her parents for making them move from Pennsylvania, and she would rather not remember that time in her life.

I have to honest, I mentioned the broad strokes of what Sidney had written to a few, keeping it safely general.  I went to people who cared about Sidney and would be interested in what she had to say.  I first discussed it broadly with Colin yesterday during Art.  He was as surprised as me.  I had been interested in the personal aspects of Sidney’s letter. But the majority of what Pat seemed to get from it was that Sidney was desperate for a date for Prom.  But, being fair to Colin, he also questioned Sidney’s ideas of perfection, because he too thought she was pretty great.  Yesterday I ran it by Emma, a fellow Elmwood runner, and today brought it up a bit with Hoke.  Hoke said he heard yesterday Sidney was going to Prom with a guy from Dunlap.

As I said Thursday night, the musical was really good.  Nate Mullins, Sidney, Ronald Kroll, and Timmy Meers handled their parts well and each did a great job.  Even Sidney’s sister Cilla had a good-sized role.  I was surprised to see her in the play because she says so little openly.

And scene,


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