Tidbits Part XXVI: Land of Confusion

April 5, 1997  Saturday

Last night was quickly formed yet another large group for a movie night out, making calls around our friendsphere from Hoke’s house.  This time it included Hoke, Colin, Sidney, Monica Jackson, me, and also Gil Siepel and Josh Britton from lower classes.  We were supposed to see The Saint with Val Kilmer.  Hoke, Gil Siepel and I got to Landmark Cinema and waited out in the foyer for everyone else to arrive.  When we saw Colin, he said Monica Jackson and Sidney were already inside.  I went to buy a ticket for The Saint, with Colin returning to the theater.  I looked back at Hoke and Gil Siepel, a ticket in my hand.  In that moment they had decided, since the movie had already (just) started, to see Liar, Liar.  I was faced with finding Sidney and Co. in a dark theater without a map.  …Actually, I found them quite easily, as soon as I walked in.  There they were, in the second row and in the middle, since I was able to pick out Sidney’s very unique wisps of white-blonde waves (well, it’s true, person who will read this).  The moment seemed out of Seinfeld.

Afterwards we went to a nearby Steak n’ Shake for burgers and fries.  Colin arrived late, his group going to the wrong one, clear across Peoria, but at least they made it.  We talked about if they was going to be an after-prom party (at least one I would want to go to).

I am going without Mr. Beres this Friday to a literary contest at Western.  I enjoy his classes, but I have decided this is a good thing.

Baseball practices for yesterday and today were cancelled.  That’s good, because some were becoming burnt-out from our disastrous week.

Tick, tick, tick, tick…



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