Volume Seven: A Tale of Imperfection of Fiction

April 7, 1997

Two weeks ago I began a new journal volume with only a title and blank space.  I called it Being the Perfect Person and Other Fiction.  How apt.

Volume seven is now filled and not blank, comprised of everything that makes an installment great, in my opinion.  It begin with rough patches, of uneasy complications and misunderstandings, and it remains rocky.  I will probably not look at these particular entries often.

These bad memories were overshadowed though, by some memorable events.  Probably my favorite escapade of this volume was walking with Sidney after the game last Wednesday night.  I will also look back fondly on the baseball scene I described in “Is This Heaven?”  Getting my tux with Colin was fun as well.  I also continued my provocative series A Study in Dreams.  Another highlight of this entry was the first two chapters of my story “The Voyage of the Relentless“–what is going on now in the story is nothing compared to what will happen on the island.  My illustrations of baseball and the scenes from the story seemed to add to the overall experience, and will be continued in future volumes.

Now, it is time for my three favorite entries of The Perfect Person and Other Fiction (you’re excited, admit it).

1.  “A Day in the Life of Me 5: This Entry Doesn’t Have a Title”
2. “Is This Heaven?”
3.  Spitballing

I can’t believe this was all written in two weeks!

As we all know, as a rule eight follows seven, and this journal is no exception.  The next collection o’ wit and wisdom is entitled Secondrateparadise.  Any takers on what the heck that means?  That, and so much more, will be revealed in volume eight.

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