Another Day Closes in the Secondrateparadise

April 8, 1997

Our baseball game against Illini Bluffs was cancelled: we are in a deep-freeze, in April.  Luckily, we still had practice(!) on the frozen tundra of Brimfield, Illinois.  We stretched out like we do everyday in right field, but instead of a a large, open circle of a few dozen guys, we were huddled together a tight group to keep warm.

Earlier, during our last-hour English class, we discussed the planned after-prom party.  It will be from midnight to 4:30.  We are supposed to watch a movie being shown at the Palace Theater, and then bowl a few blocks away.  The after-prom is being put on by the parents and not the school itself.  The only catch is we have to bring a note from our parents saying when we can attend, and when we can leave the after-prom. Trisha and April Gadston did not like this idea.


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