A Day in the Life of Me 6: The Journal, the Roses, and the Game(s)

April 16, 1997

“B” day mornings at school are never fun for me, but today it wasn’t so bad.  This is because Mr. Wentworth and Mr. Prior were gone, from Trig and Accounting respectively, so with impromptu study halls I was able to get work done for other subjects.

Homeroom is the time when I get to catch up on the Cubs’ continuing futility (0-11).  Also, I have heard all of the Cubs jokes in the book this month.  They are so great.  Mr. Mavetz, Rachel Kroll, Will Davies, Ronald Kroll, and Sidney are all comedians.

Regan Potts told me during Homeroom she was coming to Western too in the fall.  She was really happy about it–she gets to continue to beat on me for years–while my arm was less ecstatic.  Really, though, it won’t won’t be that bad having Reagan there.  In fact, it will be nice to have a friend there (at least I think she’s my friend…).

During Homeroom Sidney also finally gave me the first two entries of her new journal.  I said I could read it in third hour since I will have nothing to do, but she wanted me to read it that moment.  Of course, it had absolutely no punctuation or spelling errors (unlike this mess of accidents), and it was extremely well done.  The first thing I noticed was how detailed and genuine it was.  Her writing voice is calm and collected, yet overall slightly sad.  Her scenes are full, yet beg so many further questions.  It hooks the reader of a certain ear to know much more.  In fact, I am going to try to more complete and detailed entries in the future because of her immediate example.

Several things discussed in the beginning included myself (the influence, she says, of beginning her journal in the first place), why she wouldn’t eat Chex and bananas before running, and her passion for the opera (I spelled it right!).  I can’t wait to read more (for Sidney’s complete journal, see volume nine**).

Near the end of Homeroom I went to the office to call for her secret birthday flowers.  A dozen roses should do it.  I also told them what message to insert.  I’m a little perplexed because the latest they can deliver it to her home is early afternoon, and she’ll still be at track practice.  I cannot wait until Friday when I really do get to perform.  She might get upset that I “forgot,” but it will sell the surprise.

Before I went to lunch I picked up my cap and gown for graduation.  Maybe it’s just me, but they seem to be cheaply made.

During lunch Sidney talked about prom.  She’s getting really worried and mad, but she has a right to be.  Her shoes have yet to come in, but the store won’t even make an appointment to adjust her dress until they have arrived.  She has little more than a week.  During third hour I watched all of our old Class of ’97 videos in “Media Experience.”  It was great to see everyone as they used to be–squeaky-voiced and all.

Mr. Beres is having us write a paper in English about why or why not we as a class are diligent in completing our tasks (can you guess why?).  For myself, I try to get work done simply because I want to do well. I don’t put maximum effort into little things, because then you run the risk of turning out like Sidney (I’m kidding!!!).  Seriously, she unknowingly pushes me to raise to her level, and I thank her for that.

Tonight we had a home game vs. Valley.  We lost … again.  I wore my socks high tonight in honor of Jackie Robinson.  Sidney was there, but she arrived late again.  I kept busy by hitting in the cages and playing catch with Jeremy Biggs while the carnage on the field ensued (I have to admit, when I was playing catch I was trying to hot dog, backing up Hail Mary distances with Biggs and letting it fly into the blue).  She left right after the game was over.

She had Calculus tomorrow, you see, and if she left because of that headache I understand. Calculus is more important.  However, I hope she isn’t getting grief at home, because she got a 47% on her last test (before the class curve raised it all the way to a C).  Sidney said her father her told her she simply doesn’t put enough effort into it, and hadn’t tried hard enough.  I disagree completely.  If Sidney doesn’t give effort then no one does.

Tomorrow I am going to miss all of “A” day to go to the art festival in Cuba, Illinois.  Afterwards Brimfield will be playing two vs. Illini Bluffs.






I will sing
Blue eyes laughing in the sun
Laughing in the rain
Baby’s got blue eyes
And I am home,
And I am home again

-Elton John, “Blue Eyes”

**From 2016: This will not be included

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