There’s Some Point To This

April 14, 1997

Now, let me describe today’s goings-on.  We had a test in Trig, but I was sure I was going to fail.  More on this later.

Sidney started her journal.  I’m thinking to myself, “Will, you know maybe this wasn’t as great an idea as you first believed.”  I wouldn’t classify Sidney as 100% stable either.  Not the way she was babbling at our lunch table today.  She was in reality she was just trying to annoy Les, but in the process she disturbed the entire general area around her.  And that completely furry, bright orange shirt…

Anyway, as soon as she has the first part of her journal printed out I’ll be there to read it (Wait.  I don’t know what I’ll find, and that might be a bad thing.  With Sidney you never know what you’re going to get.  Whatever is written, though, it can’t be more rambling and unclear as this work of art your holding now).

A state trooper came and talked to us during homeroom about drinking and rules against it.  He was emphatically against it.

Remember the Trig test I took earlier in the day?  I was certain I had failed, but I get in after school to get it over with.  I asked what I had gotten, and Mr. Wentworth said, “An eight-seven,” as he shook my hand.  That’s amazing.  That’s like one of the five highest test grades I’ve had in the class this year!  On March 5th I got back a test I thought I had done really well on, when in reality just failed it.  This just goes to prove a point.  I don’t know exactly what point that is, but it’s a very good one.

I didn’t go to baseball practice tonight because of the Elmwood Business Women’s meeting tonight.  Hoke wasn’t there because he had boycotted the scholarship paper, and Sidney said her “mom didn’t remember to get reservations.”  You know Sidney, I’m a big boy and I could dial the phone all by myself (Don’t even look over here and stare at me).

Okay, she’s back to happily doing Calculus or something, and I’m again safe.  Anyway, the women’s meeting wasn’t all that bad, being held in the Victorian home/museum of the Elmwood Historical Society.  I sat with Willa and her mom Mrs. Hanks.  Like with the Alumni Banquet, we had to each get up and tell about what we went going to do next year in college.  The food was good.  Will and I talked about prom, Senior Week, and memories of all the things she had done to Mrs. Rowen (I think I might have gotten her in trouble).  The last thing was stayed for was this dumb play two college students put on.  It had no plot, made no sense, they read it off cue cards.  I was thoroughly entertained.





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