Enactments and More from “The Day”

April 25, 1997  Friday

Two years ago, when I was playing for Brimfield as a sophomore, I somehow missed the Athletic Banquet.  I probably just wasn’t paying attention.  When I saw the announcement in today’s bulletin, I went directly to the office to get the form.  I really didn’t miss much though–I went during Franch class.  For an assignment Mrs. Spacey gave us worksheets, and all we had to do as re-copy the answers that were already there.  A complete waste of time.

In Art I talked to Emma and Leslie K where I should go in Chicago.  They suggested a play or concert.  That sounds like a lot of fun.  Along with the clay bird I am calling Peetie II, I am making him two other birds to keep him company.  One is named Earl, and the other is Haegar (which is my Franch name).  Leslie also gave me her senior picture.

During lunch Hoke seemed to be a good mood.  He talked to me pretty much the way he always has, which makes me hopeful he’s decided to move on.  Anyway, when the vending guy came Hoke again looked to see if he had brought the treasured, rare CornNuts.  As always, no luck.

At the present I am in Government.  We’re about to start reviewing for the Constitution test.  I have absolutely no fears: I am as good as graduated.

In Homeroom we are going to see a skit in the parking lot about drinking and driving on prom night.  It’s a great idea.  After school I have baseball practice.  That’s something I don’t really understand, because Brimfield’s prom is tonight.  Not that my night will be in any way eventful (sarcasm is great)–I can’t believe I have to work at the Hub tonight.  I’m tired just thinking about it.

*   *    *    *    *

We just came back from the enactment outside.  In it Michelle died in a fiery wreck of a real wrecked car, and Tim Meers was rushed to the hospital was horrible looking wounds. Sidney, also part of it, screamed for all she was worth.  The entire event was very realistic.  The fire police departments arrived, as well as the B.Y.E. ambulance.  Even the coroner made an appearance.  It was good to see, but that doesn’t mean I liked it.  The music played, especially using “Open Arms,” seemed inappropriate.  When it was over, I went to fourth hour.  Jake Pettoli was at his desk reading when I came in.  It took a moment, but then I remembered why.

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