Prom Looms Ahead

April 24, 1997  Thursday

I was awakened last night by a massive charley horse in my right calf.  I lasted only about a minute, but it was extremely painful.  Even now, it is still sore.

In Trig we continued working on our project.  It deals with figuring scores (mean, median, etc) of a test grade from the two World History classes.  Even though it has been only one day, except for writing the report we are done.  We are supposed to have a chapter test Monday.  What is Mr. Wentworth thinking?  We’ll be in no condition to take a test!  Doesn’t he realize prom is this weekend?

During lunch Reagan Potts told me she had just been kidding about going to Western next year.  She is really still going to Illinois Central College.  While I should be relieved I won’t be beat on every day for the next four years, I’m sort of sad.

Sidney gave me the newest additions to her journal before third hour.  Most of these dealt with her birthday and track.  What I got from her words was she is extremely tired, she feels she is slower than Mr. Mavetz after an all-you-can-eat gorging, and although she appreciates them she doesn’t understand why I would give her roses.

I got to read the school news today, to be beamed across the high school during Homeroom.  It was neat to do, and I thought I did really well for being my first time.  I didn’t want to wear my glasses because they don’t fit my face, but I had to read the teleprompter, right?  Nevertheless, I hate how I looked with them on.

During Homeroom we are also going to practice for Grand March in the auditorium.  The girls are supposed to bring their shoes.  I wonder if Sidney has even received her shoes yet (yep, maybe still waiting on them)?

Tonight we have a home game against Williamsfield.  It will be my last normal and non-hectic evening for a while.  Tonight I plan to go to sleep as soon as I get home.  I’ll thank myself later.

*    *    *   *    *

For Grand March practice we were lined up by gender, across from each others’ date, and walked through it.  Sidney did finally get her shoes–they’re half a size bigger than what she ordered.  As I waited for it to be over, we talked in our prom group about transportation for the night.  Hoke said he was going to pick everyone up in a new red Explorer from his family’s Ford dealership.  I’m not totally convinced this is the plan, but also don’t mind going along with it.

I arrived to Brimfield’s diamond at 3:30, and Jeremy Biggs was changing in the locker room.  No one else was around.  We walked out to the field, but the only one person out there was Lance, on the mound.  Where was our team?  When we looked behind the dugout, we saw them over by the softball field.  They were about to take the team picture, and we almost missed it!  Even though sometimes I doubt my significance on the team, I would have hated missing the picture.

Lance pitched the game tonight versus Williamsfield.  We won 8-2, but in the early innings I wasn’t totally focused on the game.  About the final inning I looked over to the bleachers and saw Emma, Leslie K, Debbie, and Sidney.  At the end of game we were all going through the line with the other team, I heard Emma’s voice yell out “Good job, Will!”  I only smiled to the stands and doffed my cap.  Tim Meers was also there as well (He’s done with the Maxwell Jewelry project for Accounting, and I’ve barely started mine).
Sidney waited around after the game.  We walked over to the locker room, and Coach Slapeck was just coming out.  I had no idea of this, but the coach actually lives directly behind me in Elmwood.  I told him I would mow his lawn for extra playing time.  As I was finally coming out of the locker room, Lance walked by.  I told him good job pitching today, but he only mumbled, “See ya, Carlson.”

Sidney and I began slowly walking to Casey’s General Store a few blocks south.  However, on the way we began to race again, and I smoked her.  She came up with a true excuse, of having already run four miles today.  After stopping at Casey’s, we walked about the town.  We talked about different things we had recently written the other.  She showed me a small old church that she had been to several times with her family.  It is the same denomination that her mom and dad belong to.  Sidney said she sisters are Episcopalians and go to a separate church.  My dad goes to his childhood Lutheran church in Knoxville while mom, Nicole and I go to the Presbyterian church in Elmwood.

Sidney had the preposterous (meaning she is perceptive and correct) notion I always hint at what I want to say, instead of just saying it.  I am trying to break this, but I think I come from a family of hinters, that are not always very open.  And then there is me, really the odd one of the bunch, sharing all of this in writing.  Anyway, I agree, but I myself am trying to figure out why I can be obtuse.  I’m sure it’s not always very helpful to me, or others.  I might be most vague when I’ve asked a question several times, and I then feel like an idiot for bringing it up again, hedging my question in apology.  Which brings me to what I want to discuss.  Sidney has to go to church after prom.  Instead of going all the way into Peoria, across the county, why doesn’t she just come to mine?  That is my pitch to you, and it did not curve a bit.

By this time we were on the school’s playground.  After swinging and sliding for a bit, I asked her about her family.  She said it was alright to talk about it.

I brought up my concerns later about prom.  I told Sidney I was afraid Hoke was still miffed at me, because I asked first.  I really hope he can soon put that accident in the past.  Somehow she later got on the subject of Lance.  She said he makes fun of her, like she’s dumb.

Finally, she told me she doesn’t think she will look good for prom.  I knew she really thinks that, because she has brought it up several times.  She will look great.  Usually the thing we fret about is barely noticed by others, I offered, I don’t think my words help all that much.  Making a simple statement out of volume of feelings, I know there is no one else in the Secondrateparadise I would rather go with.

I can’t type this entry right now, because Mom has again taken my keyboard.  It is really a regular occurrence.  I understand she uses this tactic so I will do things, like chores, but it doesn’t make me want to be more helpful; it only makes me annoyed.

I’m going to sleep as soon as I write the next entry, which will be the last for this volume.  Sleep.  Even the word sounds good.

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