Another Light Taken to Streaming

January 25, 2005  Monday

This weekend did not turn out how I thought it would, or hoped.  After leaving a message for Sarah to get when she came off duty on Saturday morning I did not receive a call back.  Not a big deal, I suppose, just another light taken again to streaming.

The rest of the weekend I spent enjoying nothingness, no obligations or schedules or meaning to time.  Slept in late Saturday as the off-going and on-coming duty sections groused about my berthing, mindful that they could not also toss a deaf ear to the Navy.  Rented some movies on Saturday night, Shanghai Noon and Ed Wood, which I watched with Owens in the our berthing’s metal lounge.

Sunday was dedicated to preparing to go underway for the remainder of the week: clearing out my locker of civilian clothes and storing them in my car, and the omnipresent laundry.  This was no weekend in which to enjoy the outdoors, as the Arctic had descended onto Hampton Roads.

With the first three supremely satisfying reads completed, Anne Frank, Marco Polo, and Tuesdays with Moorie, I picked up a few new books to fill my free time while out to sea.  The first is Reading Lolita in Tehran, an acclaimed memoir about a secret female literary group in Iran.  So far I am only a few chapters deep, but I am already promising myself to find the books once I am done with my newest selections.  The second is The Five People You Meet in Heaven, again by Mitch Abolm, the author of Moorie.

I am happy with myself for having begun to read seriously again.  I have such a want for knowledge.  I want to know how people in far away lands live and what they believe in.  I want to understand how they have reached their present conditions, and I want to read their own words without some filter, because I suspect we are more alike than we believe.  Reading Lolita in Tehran, in fact, enticed me because of my own roots in college literature workshops and fond memories of roundtable discussions of great works.  Yes, I rarely interjected my own thoughts into the mix, but I loved listening.

Although we were scheduled to go out this morning the seasonal rough seas have made us wait until at least tomorrow.  Very little else to write for today… still no word on possibly moving to the Elrod.


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