Beatnik in Blue


June 11, 2006  Sunday

I have been following what scant news reports I have been emailed in the last days, but nothing that could give a clue as to the newest political flavor to hit the Beltway.  Are they still going on and going about Malaysia’s 60th year celebration?  Just what those in the Heartland have been hoping for.

At least as today slowly ebbs into yesterday I can be happy we are still in one piece, though I must admit the ship as a whole reminds me of that dog that is blind, deaf, mute, without two feet and stricken with ,rheumatism, but named “Lucky” all the same.  The case gets stronger and stronger that this old Reagan-era girl just doesn’t have the heart she once did.  Perhaps there is a place of rest, cleared away next to my silent car, that is available.

A golden ton of luck to pass on: Cliff from my division has been approved to begin college classes in January at South Carolina; I don’t see why a little of that separation lovin’ wouldn’t be coming my way as well.

On more consideration I cannot permit your Kerouac card for general viewing.  There is the great chance, boarding on a certainty, that it would be ridiculed, if just to pass the time.  But I believe in those words, and their spirit gets me through my days.  I guard hopes carefully, Marley, and could not think lightly of our beliefs in ourselves, each, and in life itself being laughed at even casually.  That is why I instead taped the card to the top of my bed, where it can be both the first and last thing I see every day, and now I have not only photos but a guiding philosophy.

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