“Dessert, Sir?”

October 27, 2004

So, I have been doing well.  I began “cranking” a few days ago (I don’t know why they call it that either), but it involves working with the food service.  Everyone does it, eventually, and it seems to be one of those things that build “character”.

Except that I really like it. It suits me, perhaps more than anyhting else I have so far done.

Instead of working in the galley or the scullery (dish room), I am serving the officers in the wardroom.  Let me take you through it:  For the next three months, everyday, I got up at four, muster at five, make and take coffee to the captain in his stateroom.  (People were just taking him straight coffee, and I thought, hey, I bet he’s like me and HATES black coffee, so this morning I took him a little plate, along with the jug, filled with sugar and irish cream, hazelnut, amaretto, and French vanilla creamer packets.  He said he likes the creamer, but not the sugar, when I asked later).  Keeping America safe!!!  Anyway, I set
the dinnerware, set out the menus, and when any of the officers come in, fetch them a glass, take their marked menu slips, and give it the preparer in the mini-kitchen adjacent to the wardroom.  Then I make sure the water pitcher is filled, take their plates, and hastily prepare the place setting again for some one else.  After that we clean the wardroom, sweep and mop the nearby passageways, clean the CO and XO’s staterooms, and the officers’ heads.  By this time it is time to begin to prepare
for the next meal.  But it is quiet, routine work that I came become proficient at, once I know the drill.  The tips are bad, but the people are good.  While underway I did every meal, but got to bed every night by 6:30, and slept until my alarm went off.  I am not in my sonar section, and do nothing with them until the end of Jan.  While in port, one day I will be there for all three meals, and the next I get to leave after lunch, so the hours are tolerable.  Also, on the weekends I get one weekend off, but the next I work all the meals.  It is good, though, for the change of routine.  What else…  oh San Diego.  What I mean is
that when I was failing out of the sonar tech class, I good part of it was my own doing, standing up, for you know, like, priciples and stuff. But because of it all, I was sent here.  (A billet came up for Norfolf, interesting enough, the very day of the academic board…  but
originally, of course, I was suppose to go to Japan, and Maya was going there (actually, just arrived).  I hate having to continuously shed people from me, and I’ve had to say goodbye to every person I’ve met in the last 2 1/2 years of Navy life…  but anyway.  I am doing okay, and am looking forward to coming home soon for part of the holidays.

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