Mostly Waiting

February 25, 2006
Today was spent mostly waiting, doing an odd job, then waiting some more, trying not to look at the clock yet wanting it to suddenly get to whatever point it took until they relented and let them free.  Having duty today, I was not stressed by this, because my time will not come until tomorrow, regardless  We worked at various tasks until after three o’clock, and I wrote a few emails in a brief down time.  The most important thing was to get a few hours sleep in the evening for my long night quarterdeck watch ahead.  Later, when it arrived, and I was awakened from my bunk; for five hours I manned my watch while attired in my dress blues (being in another country), during the “drunk watch,” when the liberty would expire at 0100, and everyone would be hurrying back from whatever pubs they had found.  Luckily it was a quiet, albeit cold night, with only a few getting back just after their liberty had expired.  You don’t want to be in that position, if you can help it.

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