Rough Seas

March 10, 2006

The seas are today throwing us around like a bad carnival ride. This morning I had a dream I was on a plane undergoing extreme turbulence, the pilot continually giving the plane gas and then braking.

The subject for a few days has been schools and such so I wanted to break it up and write a little about what I have been doing.  I am the last days of being DCPO (damage control pretty officer) but I know that those I work for are not going to bend over backwards to let me leave because I am affording them extra help, so this could probably stretch much longer than the original date.  But I would not complain at all, it is much easier what I do now than always standing long boring watches.  Actually sitting them, how cannot someone not get out of shape this way? There are a few spare free-eights and a ski machine or two, but it is always a choice.  If I wrote I cannot work out, just for time.  So I was talked about how rough it is this morning, the waters, and the captain has told us if we are not vital or on watch we should be on our racks.

Then the captain suggested that the chief the galley make us all cookies too.  As you can tell she is very cool– it’s good to know that such is the environment I will end of Navy career with– could have been much worse!  When I do have free time I multi-task everything.  If I’m writing then I listen to music (I have a list of dozens of new bands I want to download as soon as I’m back).  Last night I watched Goldfinger for the first time while I read a comic-novelette, Persepolis, written and drawn by an  Iranian woman about her years surround the 1979 Islamic Revolution as a girl growing up in a liberal family in Tehran.  Nicole would like it very much.  It was very much like Maus which I read last week, and is right on track with my near future.  Thank you for everyone writing to me often- it makes the days go by twice as quickly.

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