A Short Conversation with Virginia

August 22, 2006 Tuesday

A written back-and-forth conversation, made possible by the magic of today’s invisible lines of communications:


Marley: Hey, Him.  How are you feeling today?

Will: Hello Her.  Like one of those 711 heat-lamp hotdogs.  No, not really—at least not this morning.  It did spring into my mind, though, as to how it sometimes is.

This morning I got up and actually had a quick breakfast as SportsCenter played, which made me something of normal.  That made me feel more like a Chicago-dog from Wrigley Field during a Cubs win. =)  I’m glad to be on the move again, and even though it will take aways to wind through our dwindling route, with each stop our list of ports grows shorter.  I am happy, and I’m not sure why; which is better than being unhappy and being certain of it. =)  I am well, and I think of our normal routine, and that you are sleeping soundly now, as through all of my mornings.  How are you?

Marley: I am just being Marley today, lounging at home, reading some one of your suggestions before I begin to cook.  Also, I am still fretting about being homeless (joke) when I get back to Hampton. So I am stressing out about it right now. Hopefully I can get to it this week. I am trying to find a place for my last semester where you can come over and feel comfortable when you do get back.

Will: Oh, sorry to hear that.  The H-town market is that small?  I’m more having a conversation to myself, but I remember you wanting to try to get a campus apartment possibly.  Any luck with that?  Thank you for factoring me in–I really wasn’t going to say anything, and still won’t- but I hope you find a comfortable place for yourself as well, that meets both your location and aesthetic needs.  I know you will find a place, maybe at the last moment, but it will be just like Marley, full of luck. =)  I only wish I was able to your man for you and help you move in.  I will have to work extra hard to hard you move out then.

Will: I am sorry that I forgot that I had sent that movie. Have you seen Superman Returns yet? I am still on the hunt for that one and Little Miss Sunshine.

Marley: I did see Superman.  To hear the all-too familiar John Williams theme over the brand-new opening credits rose the hairs on my arms, and I liked the inside-jokes form the first film interspersed throughout.  All of the characters were improved over their Seventies incarnations, but Kevin Spacey was a perfectly menacing Luthor.  Not his fault at all, but Brandon Routh was no Christopher Reeve–who will always be Superman to me.

Make sure you have some fish and chips for me, at your next destination.

Will: Right-o, mate!

Marley: My mother loves that place and so does my little brother. They would love to live there. I do not understand why I can not get into it, however I have an appreciation for it.

Cactus eh? I love your mom. Some species are actually pretty sweet. I wonder if she sneaks it into your father’s food?

Will: A spark, heat?  At the Carlson house?

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