Close Connection


June 30, 2006  Friday

I am again on watch in the dark of sonar by myself, as I am every day, and thought I would write.  I have never told you about Ensign Voss, who just stopped by and talked to me.  Several months ago, possibly even last summer, he stopped me and asked me where in Illinois I was from, because I guess he had seen part of my record and Elmwood was familiar to him.  I said yes I was from Elmwood, and went to Western in Macomb, and was born in Galesburg.  He said was from Galesburg too, and thought he had heard of Elmwood once (it being sooo far away).  Anyway, I explained my connection there and named off the cousins, and said he also remembered them too, though he had been a Silver Streak.  Tonight he stopped by and asked about what school I was going to, and said Edwardsville, and he said his brother was about to graduate from Carbondale.  It was strange yet very welcome, to talk to someone all the way out here who knew of all the places back home.  His name is Kevin Voss.  Other than that I am pretty good, and getting along, happy to finally see July come.

Although I have yet to receive a package it should be very soon.  It’s exciting that a little bit of the boredom will be broken.  Please also write more about your life when you can

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