Dispatches of the Dispossessed

June 6, 2006 Tuesday

Pulled into the city of Las Palmas today amid the Canary Islands.  Had duty again, and got to stand outside the German ship as a loud party went on inside. The Germans get much more liberty than we do, and get to stay out all night.  They laugh when they find out how early we have to be back, and it makes me feel so small.  Now to look for little things to send to Marley tomorrow!  She wrote tonight, and let me know a few things, praising me for my patience in waiting for her to waiting.  I understand though.  She’s trying to get a good base and feeling for her place, now in Washington D.C., and then she will let me know all about it.  At least I have been there once with her before, and know the city’s layout.  This helps a lot. 

Days to go: 158

June 7, 2006 Wednesday

I got mail from Marley!  It was a postcard with a Jack Keorauc quote, and it is perfect.  I can’t wait to lead a mad life too.  Candace has done so much for me, that I finally feel like I will be a success if I approach life like she has.  The group I went out with today only wanted to walk around and now actually do anything, just hang by the top-optional beaches.  So I got nothing I wanted done, but I did wear sunscreen, so today wasn’t a complete loss. I still have the sun markings from on my arms from the bad burn I got with Marley on April 1st–we had been on the shorelines of Virginia Beach for two hours.

Days to go: 157

June 13, 2006  Tuesday

You’ll never guess who Marley met today: John Kerry.  It was the typically shy intern type of meeting, but I think she is pretty cool for it.  I would love to have her chance like this.  It really is the Hollywood for Ugly People (Marley excluded).

Days to go: 151

June 21, 2006  Wednesday

After being a bit spotty, Marley came though for me today like I knew she would.  She answered some of my questions, and let me in a little bit to her life in DC.

Days to go: 143

June 24, 2006  Saturday

I finally got accepted!  My chit to leave the Navy got approved!  NC1 came in last night while I was typing Marley a long letter about a number of things, and it sure enough it said “yes” next to the Captain.

I was so happy, and I got to add a ‘PS’ at the to her.  I think she was a little tipsy when she wrote back, but she was excited too, and I’m glad to be able to share something so great with her.

Days to go: 140


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