It’s Fun to Say


September 23, 2006  Saturday

I have duty today while we are in Cape Verde. Luckily enough, by the time we pulled in here the time allotted for my watch had already passed, so in reality I don’t have to stand one at all.  But I still have things to do.  Can you believe that they are making me qualify for several very complicated operational systems things, all by the time we get back to Virginia?  Of course it isn’t directly at me per se, but to the entire department, and I’ve gotten lumped into it all.  It’s a lot of work that is completely unnecessary (I am out of the Navy three weeks after we return after all) but since I have so little to do I really don’t mind.  Anymore I just shrug my shoulders at the strange goings on here and think of the rapidly-dropping days.

The buzzword right now is MALARIA.  That’s one of those words that is just fun to say… malaria!  I watched the brief on it last night, and it is either the scariest funny thing or the  funniest scary thing I have seen in a while.  How can you not laugh when Medical tells you to be wary because it is extremely dangerous, and the best form of prevention is to not get it.It is also great when told that symptoms will appear within 5 to 7 days, but also that malaria can kill you in 24 hours.


Sorry that you find yourself in the library today, of all places, and I’m sure on a very nice Tidewater, Virginia day too.  If I was there I would lean over and offer to run across the street and get you some soup, and then smuggle it in under my jacket.  And then, to be further helpful, I would ask if you would like to be quizzed, or if you need a paper typed or something else.  Then you would give me a look like, “Will needs something shiny to occupy himself with,” and I would go off in search of a book or magazine and leave you in peace so we could fully concentrate on fun later.  But I couldn’t be gone long, and I would just want to return quickly to our little corner or study room, and just sit next to you.  Of course some times I could not help to look over and feel the take you instantly away from the library–but Marley has to study.  Being with you is hard…


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