This Day in Marill History III: The Triple Date

October 27, 2006

It has been so long since we reminisced like that. You are too good to me. You know well enough that I would never get to writing out about our past which is unfortunate because I think about it all the time. And, I feel horrible for never sharing that with you. I guess I am bashful in thinking about the past.


Last Halloween seems like a couple of months ago, how is that??? I must have been closer to you in these past six months than I have imagined. Your impending return is starting to become surreal, in the best of ways.


 Do you remember what we did a year ago this weekend?

 Really, you can’t recall?  Alright, I will tell you.  At the end of last October you were very stressed from clinicals (like you need to reminder of that part).  We worked for a while on having a real date together, to again be normal, one in which I was to pick you up and take you out.  I remember that I spent Friday night with you.  And then I went out to my car, and called you, like I was at my own place, saying that I would be by at 10:30 to get you.  I was very excited about this day.  I took a quick trip to the local 7-11 and got a newspaper while you dressed, and I remember that President Bush was in town that day to give a speech in downtown Norfolk.  Anyway, soon I returned and you came out and looked stunning, and you were full of questions about where we were going.  I even had it printed out on Mapquest, all the places we were going, so nothing would be “Willed up.”  We went to the Painted Lady, a tea cafe, which my parents had taken me to while they were downt to visit.  Perhaps a bit over the top, but I liked the oddity of it, and the blackberry tea (isn’t it strange, sometimes, the things our brains decide to keep?).

Then it was off to Virginia Beach, and from this I remember well the burned CD you played from your brother, and how you had a great story to tell about every song.  Eventually we crossed into VB after a stop of another Sevie and a library, to reach the aquarium.  You dared me to be adventerous.  I took pictures of you looking at the otters outside, and one of my favorite pictures of you standing in front of a wood panel, with your head stuck through, of you as a purple starfish!  Then there were the sea turtles.  They seemed so majestic and powerful, tame and peaceful, and I love that we shared that and took so long to stop and watch them.  More of my very favorite snaps were then taken as we walked to the far side of the park.  Must I even mention the birds that seemd to hunt you?  No, I won’t. Even the walk back along the highway was fun–how did you manage that?

By then we were starving, and decided to eat before date number three.  I still have to get you back for putting ice cream on my nose!  And then of course we went to the mall in search of what..? You probably right in your guess: gloves and a hat.  And that’s okay too, because I have to take you as a whole, and this little segment of our day is 100%, unfiltered and pure Marley.   And we made it to the hockey game against the– help me with this–the Ice Rats from somewhere…  Regardless, I think we lost, but it really didn’t matter because I was with you, and watched as you have a difficult time with the unruly kids next to you.  And the good peanuts we ate, yum.

And I might as well talk about the Halloween we spent just a few days later.  I wanted to have a somewhat macho outfit for you, and I think I pulled off the cowboy thing rather well.  You were a fabulously fetching flapper (score the alliteration!).  We tried going to Saddle Ridge, but it really was Cowboy Night there, so instead we went to another place I had always wanted to take you: Crocodile Rocks.  Tequila helped you eventually want to go talk to a green fairy that was flitting around.  But the best part of the night?  For me it had to be the awesome compliment I got from some old guy while we were leaving, about how lucky I was.

These are all such great memories for me, and make me warm to remember; it’s perfect that we get to dwell and reflect on such wonderful person history that we share as we are about to meet again.

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