A Further Study in Dreams

May 22, 1997  Thursday

What a neat dream last night.  It had to do with playing for the Chicago Bulls ( I said it was a dream).  Early on in the dream is seemed Sidney was the one that played for the team, because I recall wondering if she could give me one of her game jerseys, with “Walls” on the back.  Later on, Willa, Wyll Yates, Sidney and I were all on the team.  At one point I went to Phil Jackson to beg if we could each play a minute, if we were blowing the other team out by twenty points.  I remember I also had to leave class early because I had to go play for the NBA Championship.  The game was in the old grade school gym.  By this point in the dream only Wyll Yates and I were on the team.  Before the game I began to talk to Will Davies about the thrill of perhaps getting a championship ring.  When the game began however I was sitting in the bleachers.  I guess I wasn’t on the playoff roster after all.  That’s alright.  The entire dream I had a lot of fun being a member of the Chicago Bulls, but I kept wondering, Surely they must be able to find a better player than me!

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