My Career Comes to an End

May 21, 1997  Wednesday

I drove northwest to Knoxville with Dad for the final time yesterday morning.  After I dropped him off I headed to Galesburg.  While on the interstate I sort my missed my turnoff, and had to continue north until well into the next county.  Even with my impromptu road trip it was too early for anything in Galesburg to be open, so the only thing to do was walk around the Sandburg Mall like the senior citizens.

We really wanted to win this one for Coach Slapeck, but it just didn’t happen.  We lost to Peoria Heights 4-2.  We could have won; they weren’t they good of a team.  But that’s baseball.  Sidney finally did make it by the sixth inning, but she wasn’t alone.  That, compounded by the fact our season was over, had me just going to the bus at the end of the game.  I did call her last night, and we had a good time talking to each other. Tonight I am meeting her in Peoria to eat, and then whatever.  I better get my chores done so I can go.




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