May 6, 1997  Tuesday

Preoccupation.  It is an evil as well as a joy.  For the last two days I have not gone five minutes without thinking about Sunday night (“Wonderful Tonight”).  Several things will not let me be.  Other than showing I am different from past guys for her, my thoughts are filled with the beauty of that night.  In all honesty, words fail me.  Mere words are not adequate.

I cannot believe there are less than four days of school remaining.  Everyone is ready to leave, but I am not.  My class is almost impatient for it to be over, but I am not.  I will come– it is coming– faster than any of us expect.  As for myself, I am content (imagine that) to wait for it to arrive and enjoy theselast days with my class.

Last night we played  a JV game at Woodruff Park against Peoria Christian.  Coach Heinz was extremely displeased with our purely ho-hum warm-up, and let us know it before the game.  We jumped out to a huge lead early, and I made out in right to end the first inning.  I was taken out after the fourth, but I came in later to be a pinch-runner.  This is something I do think I can contribute.  I am one of the fastest on the team, but as yet they have rarely used my speed.  We won 14-6, but the game didn’t get over until almost 7:30.

I almost didn’t get my very last book report done on time.  I really like the novel, 1984, that I am reading, but it also makes me angry.  I suppose that’s good, because good books are supposed to supposed to make you think, and be uncomfortable.  Two and two make four, not five.

During Homeroom we are going for the rest of the day to a Brown-Bag-It singing event uptown in Elmwood’s central park.  After the game tonight I will try once again to go to Princeville, for the track meet, and to finally see Sidney run.  She has gone to my games, so I must make the time in my schedule to make at least one track meet.





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