Meet Your Mates

June 11, 1997  Wednesday

Right now I’m just trying to remember how this day began.  It was so long ago.  As usual, I got and took my shower when most people were seemingly already gone.  Before going to philosophy, I stopped to see if my e-mail clearance had come yet.  It had, and now I am free to write to anyone I want.  As far as philosophy went, we spent the entire hour discussing the charges brought against Socrates. I found it very gripping, like a play script.  Professor Davenport seems to like to ramble on to himself, looking down slightly sometimes with his hand pinching his forehead, or talk to the ceiling.  After class, I went down to Corbin’s computer room to set up my e-mail account,  I tried to prepare something that would allow me to “talk” to something on the screen.

Later, I was downstairs in the back lounge watching the Cubs when Kerri came by.  We talked for quite a while.  Some of the similarities between us are just weird.  She also had a wacko, hippie French teacher that was way too nice and didn’t teach anything.  By the way, she was born on Valentine’s Day too.

I finally got a roommate yesterday.  His name is Mark Wisemann, and he seem pretty nice.  He is from a suburb of Chicago and will play receiver here in the fall.  He will be gone a lot, he says, either at practice or at study hours with the team.  When he left after a little while I called Colin back home, and told him about this place.  He said Elmwood is still there.  It was really good to hear from a familiar person, that link backwards.

I watched the Bulls game tonight with Kerri downstairs.  Hiroaki couldn’t with watch it with us because he had an RA meeting.  During the game we began to talk about old relationships, and I began the long long tale.










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