What is Destiny, Exactly?

June 8, 1997 Sunday

So much has happened in the last few days.  Thursday Will Davies called, and wanted to know if I could go swimming.  The pool in Peoria didn’t open until 3:00, so we did a little browsing of stores, and I went to get my hair cut.  I went to the same place that I went to get it cut for prom, but they were booked, so they referred me to a new place.  It was a nice haircut.  Anyway, we went back to the pool; the water was freezing. I told Davies about going to Western early. He is leaving Elmwood as well, heading to basic training for the Air Force in August.  I hope he makes it in the Air Force, but I think he will do alright.  It suits him.  Davies said Jake Pettoli has already left for Army basic.

The next day, Friday, I left early in the morning for Macomb, to register for summer classes and take placement tests.  I’m really happy with the classes I am going to take this summer–and English class and introductory Philosophy.  Perfect.  It seems strange that I’m only going to have only two classes a day. Being the summer, perhaps I don’t really want more of a load than that.  Yesterday was Elmwood’s fabled Strawberry Festival in our uptown park.  I saw Emma and Leslie K working at the art table, and they wished me good luck. Emma said the European travel group will be back Wednesday.  I’ll have to send my new Western email address to Sidney, eventually.  The very next day she’ll be off again, this time to South Carolina.

Back to today, Sunday.  In about an hour and a half I will be leaving for college.  At least the packing is done.  I’ve tried to call Colin a few times to get his e-mail address.

Before continuing this writing, I want to detour for a moment to my most and least favorite topic.  I rented a movie last night called Mr. Destiny, and while it was an over-all alright film, but some of the basic plot ideas were intriguing.    In it, James Belushi had missed out on his baseball calling, which had resulting in his life turning out completely different from if he had hit a home run.  While this is taking it to the extreme, there are personal hints of reality to it (we all know where I’m going with this).  In a way, current Will cannot help but divide recent history into Before Tuesday (BT) and After Tuesday (AT).  BT was one of the greatest periods of my admittedly young and inexperienced life.  I’m going back even before prom, or the roses, or the even the baseball games.  I enjoyed so much just talking to Sidney in the hallways, along with everyone else, joking, having her reading my first jumbles of thought, and truly having a Second-string-best-friend.  I can accurately pin-point the AT, when this all changed: when I turned around in Oak Hill, on May 6th.  Nothing was the same after that innocent goof.  By the end of last month it all had begun to eat at me, and open time was not doing me favors.  And so my destiny was altered (a bit?), and I am leaving.  I wonder what future events during the summer will occur now; yet I should remember it’s a new, impromptu timeline.  I guess I’ll never know.
It is time for new experieneces.

Speaking of, I leave in less than an hour now.  My roommate’s name is David Bollings.  That said, my first volume of Memoirs from the Edge is done.  I feel a lot better now than when I began it.  When I look back on some of the things that happened in the last three weeks, one word comes to mind: strange.  Like they say at the Hub: “You don’t have to go home, but can’t stay here.”  This volume may be done, but the second volume is about to begin, so check out the The Exodus and the Genesis.  I’ll probably have a few things to say about college or something.

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  1. Peoria? You mean in Illinois?

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    1. Will Carlson says:

      Yes, I grew up 20 minutes to the west. From there too?

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      1. Haha no. But my husband is. Been there twice with him in the past year. Did quite a bit of exploring last time, too.

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